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Chinese Subsidiary
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Global development
The company has been adhering to the global development strategy and has now developed into a medical device company enjoying a high international reputation
Global R&D Team.
Global R&D Team.
Relying on the global R&D team, the company has established the “Provincial High-tech Enterprise R&D Center for In Vitro Diagnostic Reagents” and “Academician Expert Workstation”, and cooperated with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Zhejiang University and other domestic and foreign institutions. The company has undertaken a number of scientific research projects such as China Torch Program, Huzhou South Taihu Elite Program, etc., successfully developed a number of in vitro diagnostic products, and won many honors such as the China Torch Program Industrialization Demonstration Project Certificate, Zhejiang Provincial Key High-tech Products, Huzhou Science and Technology Progress Award, and Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Achievement Registration Certificate. and cooperated with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Zhejiang University and other domestic and foreign institutions Cooperation, has undertaken a number of scientific research projects
R&D Quality System
R&D Quality System
The company has been adhering to the development strategy of globalization, and has developed into a medical device enterprise enjoying a high international visibility. The company has established domestic and foreign sales platforms in the United States, Shanghai and Hangzhou, and has set up antigen-antibody R&D centers in Canada and Qingdao to ensure international sales and R&D. At present, the company has completed the layout of the entire industry chain from biological materials such as antigens and antibodies to in vitro diagnostic reagents and in vitro diagnostic instruments, and formed a business pattern of taking POCT instant diagnostic reagent as the leading product and focusing on molecular diagnosis, biological raw materials, diagnostic instruments and liquid biochips, etc., and its technology is in a leading position in the industry.
Currently, the company’s main market for drug testing is in North America. In the face of emerging new drugs, the company has set up an antigen R&D subsidiary in Canada, which responds to the market synchronously with the antibody production subsidiary in China, develops the latest drug detection biological raw materials in a timely manner, and continuously iterates products and expands product lines. The company has a number of international certifications such as NMPA, FDA, CE, MDL, etc., and its brand effect is continuously strengthened. Related products have been evaluated by professional laboratories in Australia and Canada, and their performance is in the forefront of the industry. In terms of the detection of infectious diseases, the company has passed the highest CE List A certification for HIV and hepatitis C detection kits due to its efficient R&D capabilities and high-quality quality management system; the company has received funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for the World Health Organization pre-certification of malaria detection kits. The company’s malaria (Pf/Pan) and malaria (Pf) detection kits have passed the fifth and seventh rounds of WHO evaluation respectively, and are expected to become the first Chinese enterprise to obtain the WHO pre-certification, which will promote the internationalization of China’s in vitro diagnostic industry.