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Chairman Zhou Hui of China Medical Insurance Chamber of Commerce and his party visited Orient Gene

On September 24, Mr. Zhou Hui, President of China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Medicines and Health Products (CCCMHPIE), Ms. Luo Yang, Director of Membership Department of CCCMHPIE, Mr. Zhang Zhongpeng, Director of the Health Division of the Chamber of Commerce, accompanied by Mr. Cao Honghua, Director of Investment Promotion Bureau of Anji County, visited the Company. Chairman Mr. Fang Xiaoliang, Deputy General Manager Ms. Tan Jinfeng, Deputy General Manager Ms. Xu Faying and other company executives received the guests warmly.



CCCMHPIE is one of the six major chambers of commerce for import and export under the Ministry of Commerce, with the aim of establishing a new system of foreign trade consisting of government administration, business operations of enterprises and coordination services of the Chamber. The main function of the Chamber is to coordinate and guide the business activities of member enterprises in foreign trade and provide consulting services. Accompanied by Mr. Fang Xiaoliang, Chairman of the Company, the guests visited the Exhibition Room of the Company. The guests had an in-depth understanding of the corporate culture of the Company and exchanged views on the current situation and development of the medical biotechnology industry.



Chairman Fang introduced the development history of Company to the guests in a detailed manner. Over the past 15 years, the Company has been committed to the first-class research and development, production and sales of in-vitro diagnostic reagents mainly based on gene diagnostic technology, making important contributions to the promotion of high-tech diagnostic and therapeutic technologies and improving the level and quality of human medical services by taking medical biotechnology as the pillar. As for the future of the Company, Chairman Dong expressed that the Company will adhere to its original intention and go deep into the market to promote the sustainable development of the Company despite the difficulties. It is hoped that the cooperation with the Chamber would be further deepened in the process of international market development in a complementary manner.


Chairman Zhou fully affirmed the outstanding contribution of the Company to China's medical biotechnology export over the years, and meanwhile he wished that the Company would continue to base itself on global vision, and make innovative breakthroughs in management mode and platform construction under the situation of diversified market environment, and become a "new type of foreign trade company" for the reference of others. He also spoke highly of the “persistence” and “innovation” of the Company. In terms of development orientation, Mr. Zhou proposed numerous valuable suggestions and excepted the possibility of joining hands with the Company to bring high quality medical products and services out of China and contribute to the international development of the health industry in China. s