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The quadruple detection kits of COVID-19, adenovirus, etc. approved for export, rapid product iteration to improve the competitiveness of the company

Another COVID-19 series kit of Orient Gene Biotech was approved for export. The “influenza A and B/2019-nCoV/ respiratory syncytial virus / adenovirus antigen test strip” independently developed by Orient Gene Biotech was selected into the List of Medical Material Manufacturers Certified or Registered with Foreign Standards of the Ministry of Commerce (namely the White List of the Ministry of Commerce for Export) at the end of October.

Since January this year, Orient Gene Biotech has integrated a large number of technical forces for the research and development of COVID-19 series kits. At present, five COVID-19 detection kits, including antibody, nucleic acid, antigen, duplex kit and quadruplex kit have obtained CE and other international certifications, and have been approved for export. On average, one product will be launched to the market every two months, making it one of the companies with the most complete COVID-19 detection kits in the world. Among them, the R&D Progress of antigen kit, duplex detection kit and quadruple test kit takes the lead in the world. In particular, antigen duplex kit and quadruple kit have been first registered globally, showing the strong R&D strength and rapid product iteration ability of the company.


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Autumn and winter every year is the high incidence period for influenza virus and respiratory syncytial virus. Since the clinical manifestations of diseases caused by influenza virus, respiratory syncytial virus, adenovirus and other related viruses are similar to those of COVID-19, rapid detection and accurate identification play an important role in epidemic containment. The quadruple detection kit approved for export this time can realize one-time detection of influenza A and B, 2019-nCoV, respiratory syncytial virus and adenovirus, which can be used for rapid diversion of clinical and testing population, and alert the overlapping effect of seasonal influenza while fighting against COVID-19.


On November 3, the United Kingdom announced that the first nationwide “universal detection” of 2019-nCoV would be launched in Liverpool by means of antigen reagent, which will cover every resident in Liverpool, and the follow-up detection will be conducted every two weeks or so no matter whether they suffer any symptom or not, so as to open the door of hope for people to return to normal life style. On the same day, Germany also announced that millions of doses of antigen reagents would be purchased every month and distributed to nursing homes, and 20 doses would be given to each elderly person every month. In April, the 2019-nCoV antigen detection reagent developed by Orient Gene Biotech obtained the CE certification of EU. Taking the leading position in the research and development progress in China, the accuracy rate is equal to or even better than that of international giants. Through many laboratory tests and clinical verifications, the health departments of France and the United Kingdom believe that the 2019-nCoV antigen reagent of Orient Gene Biotech is superior to similar products in the world, thus Orient Gene Biotech is listed as the main supplier of 2019-nCoV antigen reagent.

At present, the antigen reagents of Orient Gene Biotech have been exported to the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Austria and other European countries, and the duplex kits have also been exported in small quantities, waiting for the verification of relevant EU countries.

Earlier on, the 2019-nCoV antibody reagent of Orient Gene Biotech did a great job in the evaluation of many European and American countries, and was widely praised, which greatly enhanced the company’s popularity and reputation in the international market.