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A Letter to All Shareholders and Employees on the Occasion of the Second Anniversary of Availability on the Market

To all shareholders and employees,

Today, February 5, 2022, is a day of milestone for Orient Gene (Orient Gene 688298), which is the second anniversary of being listed on SSE STAR. On behalf of the Board of Directors and management of the company, we wish you a happy Spring Festival, safe and healthy!

Over the past two years since the availability on the market, we have made full use of our technological and product advantages, adhered to the principle of quality first, and actively devoted ourselves to the global fight against COVID-19. After experiencing numerous tests and trials, the company has also enjoyed rapid growth.

We have achieved a qualitative leap in molecular cloning and genetic engineering technology; Our products on three platforms including immunochromatography, molecular diagnosis and liquid chip underwent constant iterative upgrade and innovation; Our enterprise grew bigger and bigger, with more and more standardized internal governance, more and more leading figures and professional talents.

We also took a solid step in global layout. Healgen, a wholly-owned subsidiary located in Houston, with rapid development, has basically formed a diversified development pattern of R&D, production, sales and third-party testing. The subsidiary in Vancouver, Canada, has enjoyed steady development. Alco Biotechnology, a new company established in Scotland, is expected to be officially put into production and operation in about a month; We set up Qikang Capital in Hainan, which is a preliminary attempt to promote the good and standardized development of enterprises through the capital market; We have set up sales centers in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Houston. Our high-quality products are continuously sold to more than 120 countries and regions around the world, reaching the front line of global health care and epidemic containment, and playing an important role; We have prepared and set up Wanzijian medical testing centers and testing platforms in Shanghai, Hainan and Beijing; The development model of the combination of industrial service and trade has begun to take shape.

We have made closer and closer cooperation with Siemens, Mckesson, CVS, Walmart, Walgreen and other customers, with continuously expanded influence of the brands Orient Gene and Healgen in the domestic and foreign markets. We have donated a series of anti-epidemic products at home and abroad, and funded a number of schools and students, playing our part in social responsibility. We received support and help from the governments of China and other countries in our anti-epidemic actions and marketing operations, as well as the support and assistance from tens of thousands of employees from various places,and they worked together with us. Besides, we won great trust and support of all shareholders, who were always by our side, and tided over the difficulties together.

With a heart of gratitude, we will work harder and lead Orient Gene to strive to overcome all kinds of difficulties and solve all kinds of problems, so that the enterprise can stand among the world’s great enterprises in the future!



Chairman Fang Jianqiu

General Manager Fang Xiaoliang
Zhejiang, February 5, 2022