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Unswervingly to be a practitioner of building an international beautiful city with green landscape

At the beginning of the year of tiger in 2022, Orient Gene (Orient Gene 688298) won many big awards at Huzhou Social Governance Innovation Conference and Anji County Economic Development Conference.





Mr. Fang Xiaoliang, General Manager of Zhejiang Orient Gene Biological Products Co., Ltd., was awarded the “Anji 2021 Economic Figure” and delivered a speech as an entrepreneur representative.


In 2021, Orient Gene made full use of its own expertise and advantages, adhered to the policy of high-quality development, and achieved rapid growth in business performance, with the expected net profit of RMB 4.72-5.12 billion to the parent company.

In 2021, the company made a breakthrough in scientific and technological innovation, and achieved a qualitative leap in molecular cloning and genetic engineering technology; Our products on three platforms including immunochromatography, molecular diagnosis and liquid chip constantly underwent constant iterative upgrade; Our enterprise became bigger and bigger, with more and more standardized internal governance, more and more leading talents and professional talents; The company took a solid step in global layout.

In the New Year, under the strong leadership of the County CPC Committee and the county government, Orient Gene will unswervingly become an international biological products enterprise for building the international beautiful city with green landscape.

As the first pharmaceutical enterprise listed on SSE STAR Market in Huzhou, Orient Gene will take the construction of the construction of major projects and major platforms as an opportunity to further accelerate the construction of upstream and downstream projects in the industry chain of life and health industrial parks and other platforms in the county.

Based in Anji, covering the Yangtze River Delta, connecting Lecheng in Hainan and Yizhuang in Beijing, Orient Gene will further strengthen the bridgehead construction of international metropolises such as Houston in the United States, Vancouver in Canada and Scotland in the United Kingdom, build infrastructure and attract enterprises, scientific research institutes and talents in the biomedical field, and strengthen scientific and technological innovation and product R&D, so as to make full preparations for the post-COVID-19 era.